Discover the HIVE platform

An end-to-end extendable IoT ecosystem.
Designed for automation.

Built out of two components: the HIVE baseline and the portal. Connect your devices through the baseline and receive data directly in your own cloud environment. Manage your IoT devices via one central portal.

Manage your IoT devices Faster Safer  Easier

Centralized & web-based

The Hive service portal provides a centralized web-based managed solution built on Azure Cloud technology. It enables you to easily monitor, manage and control all your devices.

Autonomous solution

The Hive baseline is an autonomous solution without any LINKIT dependency, because it's placed in your cloud environment. The data will be stored securely and you stay in control.

Expert advice

LINKIT experts can advise you when you have to make essential choices in your IoT adventure (such as choosing your devices and drawing up an IoT strategy)


The baseline can be extended based on your needs. On average we can roll out 80 percent of the IoT integration into Hive by using our ready-made templates. The other 20 percent is custom made, to cover specific wishes and needs.

Manage IoT in a few clicks
While maintaining control

Hive is the perfect platform for organizations that want to be in control and use IoT to take their business to the next level. 

Curious how? Just ping us for a demo.

HIVE platform - the modules

HIVE consists of two components to help you get started on your IoT journey

HIVE Baseline

Connecting IoT in your own Cloud

HIVE platform
HIVE Portal

Monitor and manage all your devices

Additional services

Outtasking your concerns? The platform is powerful, but you can make life even easier with these additional services:

Consultancy service

Through consultancy we provide advice on selecting devices, sensors and connectivity

Development service

LINKIT offers development services to design and create software.We can offload features off the Microsoft Azure cloud to your device.

Automation service

Maintenance and operational task of your IoT platform and devices can be out tasked to a dedicated LINKIT Automation Team.

Integration service

We can route the data from your IoT platform to your data platform of choice.

Proud partners of HIVE

The platform is based on experiences and best practices.The design is validated by architects of Microsoft.

The proud founder of HIVE

The HIVE platform is a product designed by the IT & Innovation team at LINKIT. As a full-service IT-partner with over 25 years’ of experience in solving IT challenges, LINKIT has the right knowledge, partners and people to level up your IoT journey and get business value out of new technology.